As a founder of a startup – hiring that A team to execute on your vision is one of the most fundamental things to success. Crypto Knight Recruitment allows you to find the professionals that you need for success, while giving you that recruitment time back to spend on building your product.

Christina Macedo

COO & Co-Founder

Just Fantastic! Great communication, helpful and friendly! Great team – Matt was fantastic with everything, helpful friendly and always happy to help! Thank-you for getting me my dream job!

Jenessa Erle


The CryptoKnight team have played an instrumental role in the build out of our product, engineering, security, and infrastructure arm. For every position that we have requested assistance with, Cryptoknight have put their heart and soul in to providing us with exceptional profiles that meet our high standards. They have ensured a few niche positions have been filled in a timely manner, ranging from Lead Solidity Developer to Head of Engineering. I am incredibly grateful for the service CryptoKnight provides, their continued efforts and provision of relevant, exceptional profiles has significantly contributed to the swift scale up of our technology teams

CryptoKnight secured key early hires for us when the company was at an early stage which enhanced the team’s capability significantly, I cannot thank CryptoKnight enough for all the assistance they provided

Alycia Robby